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Adding to this page

If you're aware of more plugins or would like to suggest other ideas for plugins, please file an issue on the angular-formly-website repo.

Integrating existing angular modules is fairly straightforward, however, sometimes it's handy to have a plugin to add specific support to angular-formly. Here are a few handy plugins you might consider including in your project:

angular-formly-templates-bootstrapTemplate LibraryTypes for Bootstrap
angular-formly-templates-lumxTemplate LibraryTypes for LumX
angular-formly-templates-ionicTemplate LibraryTypes for Ionic Framework
angular-formly-templates-materialTemplate LibraryTypes for angular-material
angular-formly-simpleSimplification AbstractionThis is an abstraction over the angular-formly API that intends to make it simpler to create and configure types and forms.
angular-formly-siren-actionField TransformerThis adds integration with siren
angular-formly-dynamic-interpolate-symbolsField TransformerFixes templates when the application is not using the standard {{ and }} for the $interpolation start and end.

Plugin Ideas

There are several features not available in angular-formly because it's out of scope for the library. However, implementing some of these as plugins is totally possible. I would really love it if people would create plugins for the following ideas. Reach out to me on twitter or gitter if you're interested in creating any of these.

For some of these, the code has already been written as an example and for others there's even an existing repository for it, it just needs to be implemented, tested, and published.

If you're interested, I invite you to watch my (free) series on that goes over How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library. This should hopefully give you some direction when wanting to open source some of this stuff.

angular-formly-remove-hiddenNone yet's a fairly common use case that people have where they want to remove a property if its field has been hidden.
angular-formly-ng-messagesNone yet to integrate angular-formly with messages that appear below the input would be really handy. Would be cool to have optional themes as well (colors, etc)
angular-formly-ui-bootstrapNone yetVarious on the websiteIt would be cool to package the ui-bootstrap examples on the website into a single plugin module that provides them all as types
angular-formly-templates-material for angular-material
angular-formly-templates-foundation for Foundation
angular-formly-json-schema Transform to interface with JSON Schema
angular-formly-repeating-sectionNone yet see this time and time again, but I don't think that it makes sense it implement in the core (though I can be convinced otherwise if you can show me an implementation). The example works pretty well. Just needs to be packaged up.

A few notes/tips:

  • If you'd like, I'd be happy to create a repo for the library in the formly-js org and add you as a collaborator. Just let me know.
  • Because these are plugins, they should reference angular and angular-formly and similar dependencies as peerDependencies with as loose requirements as possible
  • Try to avoid bringing in unneeded dependencies (like lodash or jQuery).
  • Please add angular-formly as a keyword in your package.json so people can find it on npm.