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Field Group

A field group is a way to group fields together, making advanced layout very simple. It can also be used to group fields that are associated with the same model (useful if it's different than the model for the rest of the fields).

A field group is specified as part of the fields array passed to a formly-form. It can have several of the same properties available to a regular Field Configuration Object (see below). It is distinguished by the presence of a fieldGroup array of Field Configuration Objects.

Available Properties

Below is the list of properties available in a fieldGroup field. They are the same as the property in the Field Configuration Object unless otherwise noted.

  • className
  • hide
  • hideExpression
  • model
  • key (based on the field's model)
  • elementAttributes
  • options (same as in formly-form)
  • form (attached to the object by angular-formly)


Inherit's attributes

One other important note is that because the fieldGroup is essentially another formly-form, it also inherit's (most of) the parent form's attributes (like root-el).