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Some things you should probably do...



The apiCheck.js library recommends that you disable it in production. To squeeze out the most of performance, you'll want to do this ASAP in your app (before even angular-formly is loaded). Depending on how you manage dependencies, you'll simply need to get hold of the apiCheck factory and disable it. Something like this should do the trick:

var apiCheck = require('api-check');
apiCheck.globalConfig.disabled = true;

Doing this will maintain all the APIs (so nothing breaks that depends on apiCheck) but they will all ultimately result in a no-op.


angular-formly has a few places that it gives warnings to you in the console. You probably don't want these in production.

  function(formlyConfigProvider, formlyApiCheck, onProd) {
    formlyConfig.disableWarnings = onProd;


Take a look at the section about extras in the formlyConfig. There are a few extras you may want to consider turning on. One that you will likely really want to turn on is the removeChromeAutoComplete (see this for more info). You do so like this:

angular.module('yourModule').config(function(formlyConfigProvider) {
    formlyConfig.extras.removeChromeAutoComplete = true;